Fishtown Pickle Project was started by Chef Mike Sicinski and Dietitian Niki Toscani shortly after gifting handcrafted pickles to their wedding guests. Both have an innate passion for food and all things pickled. Their small-batch fare is purposefully crafted using all natural ingredients and bold flavors that appeal to every palate. These Fishtown locals and professional foodies pride themselves on quality and encourage keeping them refrigerated for the best, freshest taste.

Enjoy mindfully. Brined with love.

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"My husband picked up a jar of the Philly Dilly, and they are probably the best pickles I've ever had!!! Can't wait to try the other flavors. Highly recommend!

Laura S. • Facebook

"Delicious pickles! Got to try the secret Carolina Reaper mix. Spicy! Highly recommend if you can find them. Sweet Onion were my favorite and unique!"

Jay C. • Facebook

"I absolutely LOVE their pickles, and am especially fond of the Orginial Sour we purchased at the Bill Dill in Baltimore. They were the only sours at the festival, shocking!!"

Ellen R. • Facebook

Fishtown Pickle Project   |   P.O. Box 3725 Frankford Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19125

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