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Frequently asked questions

Are your cucumbers sourced locally?

We use Kirby cucumbers for our pickles and source them locally as often as possible, especially when they are in peak season from May through August.

Do your pickles have to be refrigerated?

Yes! Our pickles should be kept refrigerated even before opening. We purposefully choose to not make our pickles shelf stable, because, simply put, refrigerator pickles are better. We feel the integrity and texture of the pickle is compromised when canned in heat and the process of canning often requires the addition of crisping agents. In an effort to make a quality pickle without added preservatives, FPP pickles should be kept refrigerated until the expiration date.

Do your pickles contain probiotics?

Our current lineup of pickles contains vinegar brine, which means they do not contain probiotics like other fermented pickles. Don’t fret! We intend to add probiotic-rich pickled fare in the future. Stay tuned.

What’s up with the little pieces on top?

In our effort to reduce food waste, we use all parts of the cucumber. With that, we save the awkward little pieces of cukes and top our jars with them. This also ensures that you’ll get a jar that is chock FULL of pickled deliciousness.

Can I return the jar?

Yes! If you do not prefer to reuse or recycle our pickle jar, we will take back empty jars once they are cleaned thoroughly and the label is removed.

Do you ship?

Not yet, but hopefully soon!

Fishtown Pickle Project   |   P.O. Box 3725 Frankford Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19125

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